Friday, 14 November 2008

Thinking holidays

I'm not usually someone who plans ahead and is all organized for the holidays (in fact, I have been guilty of doing lots of shopping on Dec 24th on more occasions than I would like to admit). However, I now live in Germany while my friends & fam remain in Canada. Shipping packages (using the affordable cheap rate) takes 6 weeks, which essentially means, I'm already very late on the gift front. All of that is a long-winded way to explain why I have actually been thinking about the holidays in November.

This isn't even a gift - this was a 5 minute project to use up some felt scraps. But I like it. Simple but with potential. May require a glue gun to keep it all together (but that would mean I would have to go and buy a glue gun - I know, what kind of crafter doesn't own a glue gun?).

To make the 3D tree, all you have to do is cut out two 2D trees and slit one from the top & one from the bottom:

Now I must get going on those gifts....